The merging of the digital with the real world is described by the term X-Reality (XR). XR encompasses the innovations of our time, which belong to the so-called immersive technologies. Whether in the form of completely virtual environments, or real environments augmented by digital objects, they all aim to make a user’s interaction with the digital world more intuitive. X-Reality is a binding link at the center of technologies that can no longer be ignored. In a world dominated by digital information, this new type of human-machine interaction has the potential to create direct added value for companies and a competitive advantage. The question is no longer whether to use X-Reality, but when.
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X-Reality – What is that actually?

The “X” in X-Reality stands for the four technologies Augmented, Mixed, Assisted and Virtual Reality.

Augmented Reality

Real world with digital information overlay

predictive maintenance condition monitoring augmented reality solution
Augmented Reality Erklärung

Augmented Reality Devices Example
ODG R-7 oder Smartphones/Tablets

Augmented Reality Geräte Beispiel

Mixed Reality

Real and virtual
are intertwined

Mixed Reality Erklärung

Mixed Reality Glasses Example
Microsoft HoloLens 2

HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality

Assisted Reality

Support through a small display in front of the eye

realwear hmt-1 hmt1 augmented assisted reality head mounted device datenbrille industrie werkstatt
Assisted Reality Erklärung

Assisted Reality Glasses Example
RealWear HMT-1

realwear kaufen buy industry hmt-1 head mounted tablet assisted reality

Virtual Reality

Completely closed, digital experience with no sense of the real world

oculus go virtual reality b2b beispiel
Virtual Reality Erklärung

Virtual Reality Glasses Example
Varjo VR-1

varjo vr-1 high resolution vr headset


Remote Assistance, Creation of AR Content, AR Step-by-Step Guidance, Product Visualisation, AR Indoor and Outdoor Navigation

Reasons for XR.

X-Reality enables unprecedented, near-real multi-sensory experiences that are particularly applicable to staff training, manufacturing, sales and service, and provide a rapid return on investment.


According to a 2018 IDC study, around 7 in 10 industrial companies are concerned about losing valuable know-how due to older employees retiring. XR can help capture their knowledge and turn it into effective XR guidance.¹


XR training applications, such as the AR step-by-step guides, can reduce staff training time by up to 60%.¹


Depending on the learning method, we forget up to 77% of what we have learned after just one week, according to Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve.² Immersive, multi-sensory XR training clearly counteracts this with a better learning curve.¹

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides Produktbild
Komplexe Prozesse in einzelnen einfachen Schritten darstellen
guides analyse workflows
Microsoft - Dynamics 365 Guides
Vuforia Expert Capture Recording
Expertenwissen mit AR leicht erfassen

AR Step-by-Step Instructions – Secure and Share Expert Knowledge

  • Immersive and intuitive staff training or induction directly at the workplace
  • Visualisation of complex processes in simple small steps
  • No misunderstandings – long-term reduction of error rates
  • Multi sensory, playful learning increases the learning curve
  • Easy storage and transfer of expert knowledge
  • AR step-by-step instructions are easy to create – without programming knowledge
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1. IDC, Tom Mainelli, May 2018, How Augmented Reality Drives Real-World Gains in Services, Training, Sales and Marketing, and Manufacturing.
2. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vergessenskurve


The result of an expert analysis by Accenture shows an above-average increase of 30% in the efficiency of performing work steps in manufacturing. Labour data from over 300 activities, 430 occupations and14 countries were used for the analysis. ¹


86% faster process time is possible in production acceptance. Airbus is already showing a huge increase in quality acceptance efficiency in 2015. The use of MR reduces the time of inspection of the approximately 60,000-80,000 cable holders in the aircraft fuselage from 3 weeks to 3 days. ²


Human error causes 23% of unplanned downtime in manufacturing. A mix of AR training scenarios and fast remote assistance reduces the human error rate on the one hand, and the downtime in the event of a shutdown on the other. ³

Vuforia Expert Capture Recording
Expertenwissen mit AR leicht erfassen
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides Produktbild
Komplexe Prozesse in einzelnen einfachen Schritten darstellen
Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

AR Step-by-step instructions and remote maintenance – the perfect mix for manufacturing. 

  • Visualisation of entire production processes
  • Uncomplicated transfer of expert knowledge
  • Reduction of human errors through simple visualisation
  • Increased productivity in manufacturing
  • Fewer machine breakdowns due to fewer errors
  • Reduction of downtimes through direct remote support via AR
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1. Accenture, 2019, Waking up to a new reality, Seite 42, https://www.accenture.com/_acnmedia/accenture/redesign-assets/dotcom/documents/global/1/accenture-g20-yea-report.pdf
2. NewScientist, 2016, Volume 229, Issue 3063, 5 March 2016, Pages 20-21: https://doi.org/10.1016/S0262-4079(16)60075-1
3. Vanson Bourne and ServiceMax, a GE Digital company, 2017, After the Fall: The Costs, Causes & Consequences of Unplanned Downtime


8 out of 10 customers prefer to shop where they get the best and most personalised shopping experience.¹


66%, or 2 out of 3 B2B customers, prefer to buy products from the most innovative companies.² The use of AR in the sales process enables interaction with the product – this increases the likelihood of purchase. Retail giants like AMAZON and IKEA already know how to use this successfully in the B2C sector.


Around 7 out of 10 B2B customers say it is now harder than ever to impress them with new products or services.² It takes more than classic sales tools. XR product presentations are intuitive yet rich in detail. They are also individual, interactive and multisensory.

KTM create erstellen Mixed Inhalte Augmented Reality IoT content Authering Tool Software
Vuforia Studio - Ergänzung von realen, oder digitalen Inhalten mit AR Elementen
ISAR SDK Robot arm augmented reality HoloLens 2
Komplexe Produkte intuitiv und detailreich erklärt.
VR 360 Grad umgebungen videos erstellen vrdirect
VRdirect Builder - Einfache Erstellung von interaktiven 360° Umgebungen / Produktpräsentationen
Produkte ar augmented reality webshop integration onlineshop
MIX ASSETBOX - Visualisierung von Produkten und Integration in bestehende Strukturen wie Websiten, Apps etc.
indeca 4d mix assetbox
MIX ASSETBOX - Visualisierung von Produkten und Integration in bestehende Strukturen wie Websiten, Apps etc.

Creating effective product visualisations with X-Reality

  • Creating effective customer experiences
  • Optimal for sales representatives: all products in all variations and original sizes always at hand
  • Placement and fixation of the holograms in the room, e.g. at the customer’s location
  • Multi sensory product presentation
  • Easy combination of products in the real room, e.g. when setting up a store
  • Acceleration of purchase decisions
  • Visualisation of complex processes / product features
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1. Epsilon, 2018 –  Page 10/43: https://www.slideshare.net/EpsilonMktg/the-power-of-me-the-impact-of-personalization-on-marketing-performance/1
2. Salesforce Research “State of the Connected Customer”, Insights from 6,700+ consumers and business buyers. https://www.salesforce.com/research/business-innovation/


of the 119 industrial companies surveyed by IDC already receive the service of accessing a remote expert via augmented reality.¹


IDC predicts 3 times more AR services and hardware spending in 2022 compared to 2020 – a clear trend based on clear value propositions offered by XR services.¹


Around 6 in 10 of the 119 industrial companies surveyed say they have a measurable ROI when using AR services.¹

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides Produktbild
Komplexe Prozesse in einzelnen einfachen Schritten darstellen
VisionLib Visometry Fraunhofer AR Augmented Reality Tracking Model 3D Animation best Real-time Porsche Rims Felgen Ausbau
Produkte ar augmented reality webshop integration onlineshop
MIX ASSETBOX - Visualisierung von Produkten und Integration in bestehende Strukturen wie Websiten, Apps etc.

Top XR services for better customer satisfaction and retention

  • Enhance physical products with AR, or MR content such as user manuals, or product enhancements.
  • Offer AR remote expert service in case of malfunctions
  • Immersive product configuration
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1. IDC, Tom Mainelli, May 2018, How Augmented Reality Drives Real-World Gains in Services, Training, Sales and Marketing, and Manufacturing. 

XR in Use.

Numerous renowned industrial companies already rely on X-Reality solutions today and are thus further expanding their competitive advantage.

Paccar Augmented Reality AR

Learn how PACCAR is using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides software and HoloLens 2 to improve employee onboarding.

Sheba Augmented Reality AR
MS Augmented Reality AR

MRS and Sheba Medical Center used Dynamics 365 Guides and HoloLens 2 to meet staffing needs during the Corona crisis.

BAE System Augmented Reality AR

With PTC’s Vuforia Studio, BAE was able to create step-by-step instructions for new employees in just a few hours, at a tenth of the cost.

Airbus Augmented Reality AR

Airbus accelerates aircraft design and manufacturing with Mixed Reality, Azure Remote Rendering and HoloLens 2.

BMW Augmented Reality AR

BMW’s mixed reality lab combines customised hardware with Unreal Engine and VR for
interior design.

Howden Augmented Reality AR

With MR and Vuforia Studio, Howden promotes employee productivity and safety by providing information at the right time, in the right place.

Howden Augmented Reality AR

The example of the Digital Twin of the Howden diaphragm compressor shows the potential of AR for the distribution of complex products.

Porsche Augmented Reality AR

Porsche enables its customers to experience immersive virtual experiences on the race track, such as test drives, or the AR Visualizer app.

Amazon Augmented Reality AR

Amazon already enabled the first AR product views in 2018. In the meantime, thousands of products can be viewed in their original size in space.

Ikea Augmented Reality AR

The AR function in the IKEA app allows users to place and customise IKEA products in their own rooms.

Daimler Mercedes Benz Augmented Reality AR

For faster service, repair and maintenance, Mercedes-Benz uses the AR remote assistance solution Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.

Hyundai Augmented Reality AR

Hyundai offers its customers practical and always up-to-date AR operating instructions and information for their vehicles.

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