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The challenge

Due to the travel restrictions during the Corona pandemic, Siemens Energy was no longer able to carry out its previous remote maintenance for the plants and machinery on the ships worldwide. The highly qualified team of technicians therefore had to be empowered to instruct the marine workers on site in different time zones so that they could carry out the maintenance professionally themselves.

The solution

With a remote assistance solution adapted to the needs, Siemens Energy experts can now guide the technicians of ships on site via data glasses so that they can maintain and repair their machines independently.

Interview about the project (only in German)


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▸ Sustainable reduction of time and costs

▸ Service level significantly increased

▸ Augmented reality introduced as an innovative technology in the company

The project

In addition to advising on the possibilities but also limitations of software and hardware, we took care of the project structure, licences and device management. We are the cloud service provider for the Siemens Energy project and responsible for licensing. Our support service for this project consists of solving any problems that arise with guidelines or even hardware problems. The Microsoft HoloLens 2 is used for the on-site deployment. We are responsible for device and software management. This includes mobile device management for up to 120 mobile devices, initial distribution of software, update policies for different time zones, data security, start-up configuration of apps, creation of login scenarios, admin management and deletion of devices.
The marine technician on site logs in on the HoloLens 2 using a PIN or iris scan and opens the web portal. After reporting the problem there, he can schedule a meeting with the Siemens Energy specialist or, if available, make an immediate call. In the web portal, there is also the option of viewing training videos and operating instructions if a short-term call is not possible due to time differences. As a further development step, the connection of the web portal to the Siemens ticket system is planned. Virtual guides will also be available.

Mathes Schulz

Lead Engineer Digitalization for Service / Product Owner

Siemens Energy

“The need for remote solutions has increased dramatically in worldwide service operations. If we now guarantee innovative service, then we also have a role model function to some extent. And not only for Siemens Energy, but also for the entire world. This is precisely why the remote assist solutions we have developed are a perfect fit for a company that wants to be modern, sustainable and, of course, profitable.”

Markus Jung

SVP Digital Transformation
& Cloud Services

“In my opinion, immersive technologies for use in industry will really boom in the next few years. Companies have the chance to start now and then be at the forefront of innovation. The introduction of these technologies for business processes must be seen as a long-term project with which one can permanently generate added value for the customer.”


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