Short description

An expert sees on his screen via video call what an employee sees on site. The employee wears data glasses or holds his smartphone/tablet in his field of vision. The special feature of AR remote assistance are two significant functions:

Send AR documents: In addition to the usual voice and chat functions, the expert can provide the employee with all necessary documents as holograms directly in his field of vision (instructions, videos, circuit diagrams, etc.).

Draw into field of vision: The expert has the possibility to draw hints (e.g. arrows or circles) directly into the field of vision of the employee, so that he can orientate himself by them.

When using data glasses, the employee also has both hands free.

Usage / Advantages

  • No more expert is locally needed
  • Productivity of experts rises due to fast trouble shooting and low travel costs
  • Less interruptions – Avaiability of the machine at the customer’s is higher
  • Fast amortization

Areas of Usage

Familirization / Training

Installation / Assembly




Repair / Maintanance 

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