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Various certifications including DGNB, TÜViT and TÜV Süd e.g. DIN ISO 27001

Weinsberg, Berlin, Sofia

STACKIT is the digital brand of Schwarz IT and thus part of the IT organisation of Europe’s largest retail group. This includes Lidl and Kaufland as well as Schwarz Produktion and companies in the recyclables management sector.

As a start-up-like unit of Schwarz IT, STACKIT offers colocation in the form of data centre or rack space as well as cloud infrastructure and platform services (IaaS and PaaS) in enterprise quality. STACKIT thus provides the technological basis for the digital transformation of the entire Schwarz Group, from which external companies will also benefit in the future.
The team currently consists of more than 70 enthusiastic IT professionals who work with all their passion to ensure that their corporate customers can digitise securely, leanly and painlessly.
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Schwarz IT is the technological backbone of the Schwarz Group. Since data volumes and IT requirements are constantly increasing, it has expanded its infrastructure in recent years by building new data centres in Germany and Austria.
This data centre space is used internally and has also been available to other companies since the STACKIT brand was established in 2018. STACKIT’s external business model will be supplemented by its own competitive cloud infrastructure in 2021. This already has a wide range of success stories and use cases within the Schwarz Group from production, trade and waste disposal. With its own cloud, STACKIT will provide most of the internal IT workloads by 2025 in order to digitise the Lidl and Kaufland retail divisions.
STACKIT’s service portfolio currently comprises mainly IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service, including servers, storage and networks) and PaaS (Platform as a Service, including managed databases and managed Windows/Linux servers) offerings.

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Fabian Ochs

Fabian Ochs
Senior Manager at EXXETA AG

This cloud application enables better communication between locally separated teams.
Agile@EXXETA and another machine learning application for automatic image-based object recognition were developed as cloud applications from the very beginning.
For the hosting of the applications, the points of security, simplicity and flexibility were paramount in the choice of cloud provider. STACKIT meets these criteria without restriction and also offers other notable advantages.
Fabian Ochs, Senior Manager at EXXETA AG, emphasises: “I was particularly impressed by the simple and clear user interface of the cloud platform.
The application could be operated directly without any major training effort, thus ensuring collaboration in a simple way. The uncomplicated provision of the cloud services within seconds is another plus point of STACKIT. Another positive factor is the fact that STACKIT, as a German cloud service provider, operates 100 % in accordance with European data protection standards. This makes STACKIT a real alternative to the established cloud service providers, which we would also recommend to our customers at any time.”

Markus Jung
Business Unit Director at XRGO

A secure cloud platform for Vuforia Studio, the modern content platform for augmented reality.
Simple, secure and stable – three factors that are essential for a cloud decision. Markus Jung emphasises how important it is to know where one’s own data is located. Security plays an important role not only for him, but also for his customers. For this reason, XRGO has opted for the German cloud STACKIT. The data is stored in a DSGVO-compliant manner at all times and thus in line with the strictest compliance requirements.

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