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Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner

Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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The aim of INDECA 4D is to work together with its strategy and solution partners to promote augmented reality technologies in society, especially in the business world.

As the operator of the XRGO platform, 4D aims to provide customers with greater market transparency and productive interaction between all XR players.

MIX ASSISTANCE – AR/MR Remote Assistance/Maintenance

Due to the current situation with the corona virus and the associated exit restrictions or total ban of going out, Indeca 4D offers companies the opportunity to continue supporting colleagues and customers even in these difficult times. Therefore the Assistance platform is available to all interested parties free of charge until the end of June 2020.

Vendor: INDECA 4D

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Prices on request via contact form on the product page or e-mail.

Service technician remotely via Microsoft HoloLens

Customer: Würth Elektronik

TV report about the project:  3Sat Logo klein

Project description

The customer’s vision was to avoid the need for a service technician to travel to the site in order to drastically reduce machine downtimes.

The challenge during the implementation was to transfer 3D data via the WebRTC protocol in a high-performance manner to the Microsoft HoloLens data glasses during an active session.

4D mastered all the challenges and further developed the individual solution into an AR/MR product ASSISTANCE.


The project was broadcasted on 3Sat

Here you can find the customer’s contribution about the project on his website.


AR presentation and guided tour of the Global Digital Factory (GDF) in Munich

Customer: Allianz

Project description

The presentation of the GDF to visitors and Allianz colleagues from all over the world took a lot of time every day. This process was to be digitized and automated. The visitors, or new GDF employees, were to be guided around and informed in the company of an AR avatar.

In conjunction with Microsoft HoloLens, the Allianz AR Roboter “George” has been partially responsible for the presentation of the GDF since 2017. It floats in the air next to the viewer and points the way to the next fixed station in the room. At each station, individual AR content (videos, graphics, texts, etc.) appears, which George explains. It can be controlled by voice commands and gestures.

INDECA 4D took over the programming, CAMAO the conception, animation and all modelling work.