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Innsbruck, Austria
Ismaning, Bavaria, Germany

Holo-Light is a software development company founded in 2015 that develops Augmented & Mixed Reality solutions for the industrial sector. The focus is on data glasses.

Holo-Light offers the industry three software products and even its own hardware product – a pen with which data glasses can be used more easily and precisely.

AR 3S – AR/MR Engineering

AR 3S (Augmented Reality Engineering Space) enables engineers to visualize and interact with 3D CAD data in an AR and Mixed Reality environment. Taking prototyping, factory planning, quality control, and technical education to the next level.

Vendor: Holo-Light

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ISAR SDK – Remote Rendering

ISAR (Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality) SDK is the remote rendering solution to visualize high-polygon content via local or cloud processing power. In real size and time, with every detail, and without using polygon reduction.

Vendor: Holo-Light

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Stylus XR – AR/MR/VR Input Device

Stylus XR is the AR/MR input device for head-mounted displays with the precision of a surgical instrument and the user-friendliness of a pen.

Manufacturer: AR-Technology GmbH

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