Quality Assurance

with the help of Augmented or Mixed Reality

Learn more about the effective use of Augmented or Mixed Reality in Quality Assurance


With Augmented Reality you have the possibility to easily display even complex work processes in any imaginable environment. For this purpose we offer proven software solutions with which step-by-step instructions can be created without programming knowledge.

Augmented Reality instructions can be played directly on the machines via smartphone/tablet or data glasses. In case the employee needs to operate several machines one after the other within one instruction, AR indoor navigation can also be integrated.

The intuitive display of the individual steps reduces the error rate - even inexperienced employees complete complex tasks without errors.

If necessary, the workflows can be extended by live data.

Control / Inspection

  • AI controlled control of the execution of the work steps (use of tracking technologies in combination with live data)
  • Possibility to record the execution of the task (with AR glasses)
  • Possibility of direct transmission of the execution (with AR glasses)
  • Possibility to connect an employee live from a distance if required (Augmented Reality remote assistance)


Usage / Advantages
  • Reduction of the error rate
  • Visualization of complex work processes - inexperienced employees perform complex tasks
  • Indoor navigation within workflows
  • Useful features such as recording, automated controls and remote assistance

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