Use Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality effectively in the retail sector

Learn more about the use of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality in the retail industry

Possible Applications

Product visualization in the store
Let your customers view packed items in original size, from all angles, with their smartphones using Augmented Reality (in the near future with data glasses). The viewer has the possibility to configure the product, to add further articles, to share it, or to save it for later views at home.

Link to the online shop
The articles saved in the store can then be ordered directly from home. The products can be supplemented KI-controlled by further suitable articles. More about AR-Commerce here.

Add digital AR elements to products
With Augmented Reality you can extend the existing product information on the packaging with additional useful content such as..: Product features, visualizations, explanatory videos, instructions, etcetera. The customer does not have to go online for further information, but sees everything directly on or around the product. This makes it likely that the customer will spend more time with the product, getting to know it in a playful way, so that the persuasive effect occurs and ultimately the likelihood of purchase increases.

Add Augmented Reality to print media
Bring your posters, brochures or magazines to life with AR. All you need to do is place a marker (e.g. QR code) on it, which will execute convincing augmented reality content.

Further application possibilities in retail:

Usage / Advantages
  • Begrenzten Platz auf Verpackungen um unendlichen AR-Inhalten erweitern
  • Weniger aufgerissene Verpackungen durch die Möglichkeit der Produktansicht in Originalgröße und -farbe direkt in der Filiale
  • Direkte Verknüpfung mit dem Onlineshop (AR-Commerce)
  • Printmedien oder Schaufenster mit AR zum Leben erwecken
  • Highly effective product presentation with Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality:
    • Multisensory Appeal: Auditory (acoustic) perception of the product through complementary sounds. Optimal visual perception through realistic presentation in 3D including product features and functions.
    • Gamification: Create buying impulses with playful elements
    • Simplicity: Bring products from an e-shop to the customer's home digitally with a single click
    • Practicability: Product functions, instructions and properties can be visualized in an understandable and practical way.
    • Product configurator directly on a 3D article / hologram

Alphabetically sorted by name of product manufacturer

INDECA 4D - MIX ASSETBOX - AR product visualization

INDECA 4D - MIX ASSETBOX, AR product configurator (integration in a website / app) Reference customer: Likamed

PTC - Vuforia Studio - AR content creation, product feature integration

VRdirect - Easy creation of interactive 360 degree environments e.g. for optimal product visualizations - without programming knowledge.

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