Increase the efficiency of your sales staff with AR MR VR

Learn more about the use of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality in distribution


Give your sales staff the entire product portfolio in original size, in all variations and optimally animated - increase the efficiency of your sales team. The innovative product presentation in Augmented or Virtual Reality has a positive "wow effect" as well as the practical benefit that the product can be experienced on site immersively with all functions and designs. In addition, the customer has the opportunity to interact with the product and experience it in a realistic simulation.

Our software solutions are compatible with almost any device, such as smartphones (iOS, Android) or data glasses such as the Microsoft HoloLens 2.

Whether at trade fairs, in showrooms or at the customer's site - inspire your customers with your products in Augmented, Mixed or Virtual Reality.

Usage / Advantages

Highly effective product presentation with Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality:

  • The entire product range in original size always at hand
  • Multisensory appeal: Auditory (acoustic) perception of the product through complementary sounds. Optimal visual perception through realistic presentation in 3D including product features and functions.
  • Gamification: Creating buying impulses with playful elements
  • Practicability: Product functions, instructions and properties can be visualized in an understandable and practical way.
  • Product configurator directly on a 3D article / hologram

Alphabetically sorted by name of product manufacturer

INDECA 4D - MIX ASSETBOX, AR product presentation via website / app (customer: Likamed)

PTC - Vuforia Studio - Creation of AR content; extension of existing CAD data or real objects with AR elements; integration of product properties in AR

VRdirect - Simple creation of 360° environments without programming knowledge.

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