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Attract everyone's attention to your company or product with innovative and interactive content. Bring exhibition stands, buildings, shop windows, retail shelves, print media, or websites to life with augmented reality elements. A simple marker or even significant product features, which are recognized by mobile phones or smart glasses within a second, link the real object with digital AR content. The viewer can interact with them in a playful way, take screenshots or share them in his network. Communicate efficiently with your customers with X-Reality (see Benefits/Advantages).
Usage / Advantages
Effective marketing with augmented, mixed and virtual reality:
  • Strong neuromarketing
  • Address of several senses: Auditory (acoustic) perception of the product through complementary sounds. Optimal visual perception through realistic presentation in 3D. In combination with a multisensory device (see video AtmosVR): Create olfactory and tactile perception and thus create positive connotations
  • Gamification: Increase the average time on site with immersive playful elements. Generate emotions and finally conversion
  • Fun factor: Increase the viewer's attention and prolong the time spent dealing with the product
  • Practicability: Even complicated content can be visualized comprehensibly and interactively
  • Unforgettable presentations with AR elements or AR speakers
  • Social media marketing with AR filters, or volograms (volumetric holograms, see photos or video below)

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Cologne Intelligence - Augmented Reality Indoor Navigation

INDECA 4D - MIX ASSETBOX, AR product presentation via website / app (customer: Likamed)

PTC - Vuforia Studio - Creation of AR content without programming knowledge. Extend existing CAD data or real objects with AR elements.

Volograms - AR stage presentation

VRdirect - Easy creation of 360° environments without programming knowledge.

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